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Inner Child Healing Mini-Course


Can I get real for a sec? You see, I know you’ve been dragging around baggage on your back and with all the extra weight, it gets harder and harder to leap into the glory of life like you once did.

It’s the trauma, the emotional rollercoaster, the inability to fully love yourself that has you paralyzed from achieving your goals of wealth and freedom.

But yet and still, you’ve worked SO hard all these years to try and forget certain aspects of your upbringing… because, who wants to remember that #amiright

Have you ever wondered why you continue repeating the same patterns that lead to unfavourable outcomes? You wonder why you keep finding yourself attracting the same situations in your life. You’re left with intrusive negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself -- yet you don’t even know where they come from. 

In short, this happens due to childhood wounds. By connecting with our inner-child, we gain access to new information about our unhealed wounds, aka… the “things” that are causing our current blocks, negative thoughts, beliefs, patterns, behaviors, and habits -- also known as “self-sabotaging tendencies”.


  • 3 Training Modules + BONUS Training
    • How to Find and Acknowledge Your Joyful Self and Inner Being/Inner Child
    • How to Listen, Communicate, and Nurture Your Creative Nature/Inner Child
    • How to Fill the Gap and Use Your Findings to Attract Abundance and Prosperity
  • 21 Page Workbook
  • Inner Child Meditation
  • Letting Go Of The Past Hypnosis
  • BONUS: Evolve Your Emotions Masterclass: How to Master Your Emotions + Communicate More Effectively

What People Are Saying:

Evelyn not only changed my life but saved it. There will never be enough words to thank Evelyn for showing up and pouring into me.

Ayanna M

Thank you for holding space for me, for holding space for my growth, and just... for holding ME. And teaching me how to lovingly hold myself (inner child). My inner child has been so content lately, and the more comfortable I become with expressing my vulnerability and learning to leverage that and see it for the strength that it is, the better that I’ve become as a human. It takes a very strong person to be vulnerable. Even if you get hurt within that vulnerability, you only come back stronger.

Mikaela S

The advice and tools that she gave me to be able to move forward with my relationship with my mom was so extremely helpful. Evelyn does an amazing job of being able to pinpoint and focus on things you need to work on and address in order to be your best self. I feel more lighter and confident that I can address what's been going on confidently.

Kayla R