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Soul Path + Current Life Lesson Reading

** Click here to book a LIVE Soul Path + Current Life Lesson Reading via Zoom! 🎉

  • You will receive a recording of the 2 readings sent to your email on:
    1) your soul path/purpose and get clarity on the "big picture" of your life, and
    2) the life lesson you're currently exploring
  • You will be able to look at your life in the context of your soul's larger journey and find it easier to understand the choices you've made or the difficulties you've had to face.

What People Are Saying:

The information I have learned from Evelyn has been invaluable. I found her at the exact time I was supposed to. I’ve taken her Wounds to Wealth - Inner Child course, Evolve Your Emotions Masterclass, and now had a Soul Path + Current Life Lesson reading. The Soul Path reading validated themes I had been experiencing through out my life. How my resistance to change while it seemed valuable at the time actually harmed me more than it helped me. Change is inevitable. I learned that growth while often uncomfortable is necessary for progress. You have to embrace being uncomfortable before you can be unstoppable. I am incredibly thankful I found you. Your teachings have definitely added to my self development journey.


Evelyn did a soul path reading & current life lesson for me. It was EVERYTHING I needed to hear! I recently finished her Wounds to Wealth workshop & this soul path reading is what I needed to hear to help me continue on my journey. It really re-enforced who I am and what I do well, where I struggle & what I’m meant for right now!! This is my season of life and I am SO excited to be healing, finding joy & freedom. I feel SO incredible!! This reading is helping me keep the momentum going after the workshop! Honestly I feel like Evelyn gets me to my damn core and she doesn’t even personally know me!!! I’ve needed a person like her in my life for so long now. SO glad I’ve connected with her! I’m forever grateful for her & cant wait for all her future projects!


My experience with Evelyn’s Soul Path & Current Life Path reading, was incredibly accurate & freeing! ✊🏾 too accurate! 😂 As a Christian woman, I was initially very skeptical & weary of the idea of someone that I don’t know personally giving me a reading and/or “speaking into my life”! But, honey!!!! I said, let me try, I had been following Evelyn for a while & I saw her heart, her passion for women & their healing & personal growth! I knew that she was safe & a master of her craft! 💯So I implore you! If your skeptical like I was, give it a chance, what do you have to lose!?!! These readings will change your trajectory & especially how you thrive in business & personal life!!!! 🤯 thank you Evelyn! 🙌🏾💗