3 Ways Childhood Wounds May Be Affecting Your Relationships

Season #1 Episode #6

Hello you beautiful soul and welcome to the Evolve with Evelyn podcast. Today we are breaking the seal, we are getting personal and talking about relationships. In this episode, we dive into how your inner child wounds affect relationships and also some stuff I’ve learned around vulnerability in relationships and sharing parts of you that you’ve never shared before.


In this episode you will learn:

  • How abandonment wounds from childhood affect your current relationships
  • What causes abandonment wounds and some common symptoms 
  • The reason you may become codependent with your partner, friendships, mentors, etc
  • Some symptoms that show you may be struggling with trust wounds
  • What causes trust wounds when you were a child
  • How trust wounds can affect different areas of your life
  • Why you may be attracting toxic relationships
  • Things I realized when looking back on these from a healed perspective 

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