Breaking Cycles of Generational Trauma in Parenthood with Sam

Season #1 Episode #4

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Hello you beautiful soul and welcome to the Evolve with Evelyn podcast. Today we have a very special episode, it is our first live coaching session! Sam opens up about a topic that many people struggle with and that is generational trauma in parenthood. In this episode, you get to hear as we navigate through some of Sam's questions around this, and at the end, you will hear some action steps that not only Sam will do but that you can incorporate into your life if it fits. 


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Sam’s Questions & Ah-ha Moments

  • How can I do my best as a mom to not create more wounds for my oldest son? 
  • Navigating and coping mechanisms around abandonment wounds
  • The process of deprogramming generational trauma and patterns 
  • What if the outbursts are coming from a place of healing and breaking those generational traumas 
  • Remembering that breaking patterns is a journey 
  • The importance of keeping a journal and doing daily emotional checks
  • Growing up in the same household doesn’t mean that we share the same childhood experience

Evelyns Questions to Sam

  • Is there any emotional or environmental parallels between your child now vs when you were pregnant  
  • What do you do to shift the energy in your home on the daily
  • What do you do to allow process your emotions and heal your own trauma 
  • When do you feel your oldest has his outbursts the most
  • What is your communication like with your son
  • What are your action steps moving forward

Meet Sam:

Sam Is an Intuitive embodiment coach. She helps her clients embrace who they truly are and love the person they are in all stages. Sam takes an intuitive and Life coaching approach to help her clients learn to love themself in all stages of life and live their most aligned life. Connect with Sam: @nurturedbysam

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