What is the Evolve with Evelyn Podcast | Who am I and Why You‘re Here!

Season #1 Episode #1

Disclaimer: Mention of suicidal ideation, self-harm, depression, substance abuse, and anxiety. Listener discretion is advised. 


Hello you beautiful soul and welcome to the Evolve with Evelyn podcast. Today we are talking about why I started this podcast, what you can expect, who I am, and the healing journey that led me here. In this episode, we dive into the surface of all this as a way to start getting to know each other better. 


In this episode you will learn:

  • What you can expect from this podcast
  • How generational wounds and childhood trauma inspired this show
  • A little bit about me and my upbringing 
  • Early childhood trauma around weight, depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideation
  • The first time I realized I wanted to feel better in my body
  • How I landed in the fitness and health industry
  • Transitioning from fitness to a business coach
  • One of the most common trends I saw in everyone I coached as well as in myself
  • What happened when I dove deeper into the root of the issues
  • How Evolve with Evelyn came to be
  • Some of the wounds I had to navigate through and heal
  • What happened when I numbed my pain through substances rather than healing

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