Are you ready to rewrite the generational stories that are holding you back? Do you want to overcome ANY and ALL limiting beliefs? Is it time to transform those patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you? 

If so, select one of the ways to get started below:


Get the Spark You Need to Ignite Your Next Level in Life

In this 90-minute session, we will get to the root of the challenges you’ve been facing through inner child and generational trauma healing.

In this laser-focused session, you will re-emerge feeling lighter and more empowered.

This session is followed by 1 week of Signal (voice messaging app) where you can ask questions and lean on me for support!



Get the Guidance You Need to Create the Life and/or Business You Desire

Listen, if you’ve been treading water for a long time and maybe even feeling like you’re drowning some days, I’m here to give you the lifeline you’ve been waiting for inside these deep-diving life and success coaching strategy sessions!


Any trauma – emotional, mental or physical – can prevent you from moving  forward in life and business. You see, the trouble with trauma is that it’s often  difficult to recognize, especially when so many of us are told to brush things off,  let things go or just grin and bear it.  

In other words, we become conditioned to accept our pain rather than to release  and heal from it, and that prevents us from living our best life.

At Evolve with Evelyn, I give my clients the right tools and space they need to heal  from past trauma and overcome ALL the emotional and mental blocks that are  holding them back from reaching their goals in life and business. 

In fact, it’s my commitment to you that will … 

✔ Feel EXCITED, UNDERSTOOD, SEEN and LOVED ... EVEN with all  your wounds, trauma and baggage

✔ Know you’re capable of having anything you desire in life

✔ Gain the confidence needed to take action and unlock the life and business  you really want

These are the things that define the work I do, and they’re things that will help  YOU tap into your fullest potential. 

I know this because I’ve been there. 

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what others have had to say about  working with me: 

"The advice and tools that she gave me to be able to move forward with my relationship with my mom was so extremely helpful. Evelyn does an amazing job of being able to pinpoint and focus on things you need to work on and address in order to be your best self. I feel more lighter and confident that I can address what's been going on confidently."

- Kayla R


"I felt transformation within myself and within my life in ONE HOUR of talking to Evelyn during our 1:1 session. She gave me step-by-step tips and actions of what I can do to improve my life on a day-to-day basis. She gave me comfort, support, love and so so much more!"

- Megan T