So I’m the queen of hoarding all my old school work, notes, photos, etc...

inner child healing Aug 10, 2021

I’d love to hear your thoughts at the end...

So I’m the queen of hoarding all my old school work, notes, photos, etc...

And I like to look over them every few years and go back down memory lane. 😅 (anybody else????)

Anywho — I came across my old school work, tests, class notes, etc from high school, and many thoughts raced through my mind...


1️⃣ I hated and sucked at math, so I almost failed it and had low marks... so my dad would yell at me ALL the time #HiTtauma

NONE of what I learned in “mandatory” math class actually helped me in life. 🙃

2️⃣ I cheated my way through science class because I hands down WOULD NOT have passed if I didn’t... so I always felt like an idiot.

Again... none of these “mandatory” classes actually helped me in the real life. 🙃

3️⃣ Like many others, I was conditioned to link my self-worth to my grades, and honestly, it felt pretty fucking shitty...

Considering I was also struggling with bullying, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

4️⃣ Most of us get made fun of and judged by other peers and our families for taking electives and courses we ACTUALLY enjoy like:

👉🏼 world religions
👉🏼 social sciences
👉🏼 arts

Aka... classes that could ACTUALLY help us in the real world.

5️⃣ How skewed the education system is...

Like it makes no sense.

It doesn’t prioritize or value the courses that ACTUALLY support the majority of us humans in the real world, like...

⚡️ finances/credit literacy
⚡️ mental and emotional health
⚡️ nutrition/health education
⚡️ communication

And so forth...


Like imagine if something like world religions was mandatory...

and we were all taught at a young age it’s OKAY to have different beliefs?

And were taught to understand, appreciate, love, and respect one another... DESPITE our different views in life.

Can you imagine how different the world would be? 😔

Anywhoooo - I’d love to know YOUR thoughts! 💭


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